University of Utah
Fall 2019
Dance in Culture: Lead Teacher.
Making Queer Performance Art: Lead Teacher (self-designed course).

Spring 2019
Creative Process: Lead Teacher.

Fall 2018
Intermediate Modern Technique: Lead Teacher.
Creative Process: Teaching Assistant.


Making Queer Performance Art: An Interdisciplinary ApproachWhat is queerness? What is performance art? What is queer performance art and how is it made? This multi-layered course attempts to both identify and challenge the prevailing answers to these questions while also providing students with tools to create their own queer performance artworks. Part seminar and part creative process, the course places equal emphasis on theory and creativity.
(Offered at University of Utah, School of Dance, Fall 2019)

Experiential Dancescapes (Dance + Landscapes)This studio class aims to prepare dancers for performing in immersive environments. Film projections and curated soundscores meet improvisation and guided movement to create an interdisciplinary experience steeped in sensory awareness and personal discovery.
(Offered at American College Dance Association Northwest Conference, Spring 2019)

JELLY– A unique guided movement experience created for adults with no previous dance experience. Once described as a pep rally for the human spirit, this class began my research in non-virtuosic movement practices.