Be My Guest (Performer)

It is difficult to review something that by its nature seems to defy the expectations of viewership... It was not a performance to be critiqued or analyzed, but rather a shared space with multiple voices and approaches.
— Natalie Gotter, loveDANCEmore

Be My Guest (Performer) is a series of experiments that welcomes (but doesn’t demand) audience contribution. Challenging the separations and boundaries that performance spaces dictate, I aim to provide my audience with an event in which they feel emboldened to connect with the performer and the performance content beyond passive and distanced spectatorship; an event in which they feel agency to respond to components of their environment.

Presented at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival in August 2019.

Yes, audience members can make noise, snap images and videos with their cellphones and liberate themselves from the invisible boundary of conventions of audience and performing spaces.
— Les Roka, The Utah Review